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Dr. Ernest Lundy
424 Hillandale Dr.
Liberty, SC 29657
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Pastor Steven E. Mays
Assistant Editor
1607 Greenwood Road
Laurens, SC 29360
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Rev. Raleigh Lindsey
Bible Trumpet Tours
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Pastor Dr. Earl Green
August 9, 1999

Dr Earl Green and the fine folk of Alpine Baptist Church of Columbia will host the SCBF August 9, 1999. This is in conjunction with the Low-Country Fellowship. This meeting will be the beginning of their 2nd Annual Jubilee. The services will begin at 2:00 p.m. The church will provide a delicious meal at 5:30 p.m.. The evening service will be-gin at 7:00 p.m. The Fellowship has always been blessed by being at “The Old Country Church”. The speakers for the meeting are: Pastor Larry Pearson of Temple Baptist in Anderson, Rick Groover, VP Evangelism Mission Inc., Jim Pratt, from Dante, Va. The evening speaker is Pastor Barry Goodman, Faith Baptist Church, Shelby, NC. Brother Alvin Fleming will be their to sing and to make up laugh.

Coming in to the church travel I-20 toward Florence. Take the Alpine Road/Fort Jackson exit (76). Turn right at the red-light and “The Old Country Church” is one half mile on your left at the corner of Alpine and Percival Roads. For more information please call (803) 788-2646.

If you would like to host the Fellowship in 2000, please give Pastor Steve Mays, Secretary to the South Carolina Baptist Fellowship, a call at (864) 984-4277. There are no openings for the Fellowship in 1999 : September, Calvary Hill Baptist, Pacolet, SC, Pastor Bill Pickel; October, Eastside Baptist, Greenwood, SC, Pastor E.A. Cooper November at Open Bible Baptist, Sumter, SC, Pastor Larry Humble, and December at Victory Baptist Church, Gaffney, SC, Pastor Greg Little. Mark these dates on your calendar and plan to attend.

Update on Dr John Waters

We are thankful Dr. Waters is still with us, and that he is strong in his spiritual life, and faith. He reads his Bible that he carries with him daily. When he prays or preaches, which he will do at times, his physical condition levels out.

Physically, his condition is stable, however the Parkinson still takes it's toll. Thanks to all of you who have prayed for him, we are grateful. Praise our Lord Jesus Christ for his loving Kindness, and tender mercy.

Written by: Mrs John Waters

If you would send a card or note to Dr and Mrs John Waters, I know that it would be a great blessing to them. Better would be to visit with them at the Martha Franks Home in Laurens.

Mrs. John Waters
308 Crescent Dr.
Laurens, SC 29360


“Have any of you heard how Al Gore lives a Christ centered life? He gave a speech this week about how his faith is so important to him. Well the funny part is, he said his favorite Bible verse is John 16:3. Of course the speechwriter meant John 3:16, and Al Gore wasn’t familiar enough to catch the error. John 16:3 says; “And these things will they do unto you because they have not known the Father nor me.” My how the Holy Spirit works in strange ways.” (E-mail from Damon Mederios)

Editorial Up-Date
From Evangelist Ernest Lundy


How do you receive it? In my younger years, I was privileged to sing and preach at a very large pastor’s fellowship. After my time was over and I had set down, the moderator got up and bragged on what a good job I did. Of course, it felt good to hear; and while sitting there listening to the praise, a deep voice from the pew behind me whispered in my ear, “Taste praise, Ernie, don’t swallow it.” It was the voice of Evangelist Fred Brown, and what wise advise that was! I would be remiss to say that I don’t like a kind word, but Scripture teaches us to let another praise you and not your own lips.

In the past months, we at the Trumpet have received many kind words about the quality and depth of this small voice. We, indeed, are grateful for all your input. The question has been raised about re-printing parts of this paper, and for my part, there is no problem. It is always proper to say where you got your information if it came from another source. If you can’t remember, then acknowledge that you got this from another. It is true scripture says there is nothing new under the sun, but some just say it differently than others.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to those who, by their support of this voice, make it possible for us to continue on. Keep us in you daily prayers, and it there is ever a subject you would like for us to deal with, we will put forth an effort to accommodate.

Dr. Lundy is available for weekends during the summer months, with a few dates still open in the fall and winter months. Bro Lundy also needs the use of a travel trailer for approximately 1 year. It needs to be at least 37 feet long. Anyone that knows of one he can borrow or for sale at a real reasonable price may contact him at (864) 843-9227. Leave a message and he will return your call. Please pray about this need.


'The Baptist Standard' of March 31, 1999 reports that the University of Richmond, an SBC school established by the Baptist General Association 169 years ago, has added to its non-discrimination policy an amendment that will drop the school's ban on homosexual students. Further, gays will now be actively recruited by the University's recruiting staff.

This puts the school at odds with the Baptist General Association's 1998 resolution that Homosexuality is "sinful and unacceptable to Christians."

But will the SBC and the Baptist General Association stop funding of the school. No, the money that is placed in the offering plate by good Baptist people will continue to fund the University of Richmond just as it continues to fund schools that serve booze, schools that deny the Bible's inspiration, etc.

The "conservative" leadership of the SBC is proving to be just as jelly-spined on this issue as they have been on every other. Whatever happened to the day when Baptist people took a stand?

Southern Baptist can not count on the leadership to keep the train on the tracks. Nor should they believe that the money they give to "missions" is used to spread the gospel when it is in reality spent to recruit gay men to live with our Baptist sons in the dormitory of the supposedly Baptist college.

When will Baptist people reach the breaking point and stop fueling this runaway train with their money? As long as good people continue to support the cooperative program without first requiring accountability from the denominational leadership the course will never be corrected.

(News-of-Interest editorial commentary)

Wailing Wall

Known officially as the Western Wall; in Hebrew: Kotel haMa’aravi): The Wailing Wall, which is part of the Herodian wall surrounding the Temple’s open area, is all that remains of the Second (Herodian) Temple. It is at the same time a symbol of the Temple and a memorial of its destruction and is thus the holiest site for Jews. The name “Wailing Wall” derives from the fact that, for a period of several centuries, Jews from the Diaspora came to Jerusalem to pray here. After E. Jerusalem was annexed by Israel, the official designation “Western Wall” was introduced, because it was part of the former west wall of the Temple. The Holy of Holies of the devastated Temple was also in the west, so that a particular connection was established in Jewish mysticism (Kabbala) between the surviving section of the west surrounding wall and the Holy of Holies, which has not survived: the presence of Yahweh had passed from the devastated Holy of Holies and moved to the west wall.

The wall is almost 60 ft high. Its lower layers have ashlars (rough-hewn stones) from the Herodian period, above this there are layers from Roman and Muslim times. The upmost layers date from the 19C. The enormous Herodian ashlars continue for 19 layers under the ground, the lowest layer being built on rock.

Considerable finds have been made in excavation work to the north and southwest of the Wailing Wall. The so-called Wilson arch, which spans 42 ft and is 51 ft wide, was part of a water supply system in the Maccabean period. The excavation site in the southwest (Archaeological Garden) includes a burial site from the 10 - 8 C BC and some finds from the time of Herod the Great and the Ommiad caliphs: Herodian road, parts of the Herodian Temple wall, remains of Byzantine houses, parts of palaces (Abd al-Malik, Queen Helena of Adiabene), and many others.

When you make the walk around the Old City of Jerusalem, we always stop at the “Wailing Wall” for prayer. There you will see many Jews praying as well as tourist. Sometimes you will be able to see a Bar Mitsvah ceremony being conducted by the Jews.

“Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: they shall prosper that love thee.” Psa 122:6


November 1 - 9, 1999


We will be going through Athens and Corinth, Greece spending the night in Athens. The price is $2095.00 plus $100.00 taxes and tips. Our departure city is Charlotte, NC or we can add on from your local airport.

Deposits are now coming in for this Tour. Please get your deposits in as soon as possible. We hold out a certain number of seats from the airlines and they call asking us to confirm the number that we will need. If we hold these seats too long they will expect us to purchase them. This is the purpose in getting your deposits in as soon as possible. Thank you for the good response for this tour and also for the up coming tour in March of 2000. The New Millenium. We have to have a deposit in order to reserve accommodations. Deposit is $300.00 per person. Send to Bro Lindsay at address below, a receipt will be returned to you. Looking forward to seeing you in JERUSALEM. Check your passports!!!!!!!!!!!!


Dr. Melvin Aiken, Pastor of Tabernacle Baptist Church in Greenville, SC and Rev. Raleigh Lindsay from Trinity Baptist Church, Spartanburg, SC, will be hosting this tour. We are planning to tour the Red Rock City, (Petra) in Jordan spending one night and remaining nights in Israel. Price for this tour will be approximately $2195.00 plus taxes and tips. Brochures are now in the making. Please call!!!


March 22-31, 1999 Round trip from Charlotte, NC, Amsterdam, Holland and then to Israel - Too Late! You Missed It!
November 2-11, 1999 Round trip from Charlotte, NC, Amsterdam, Holland and then to Israel and Petra, Jordan - $2095.00.
Both tours include, air fare, double rooms, three meals daily, guides and A/C buses. For more information please call or write to the address below.
Bible Trumpet Tours
1626 New Cut Road
Spartanburg, SC 29303
Phone: (864) 597-0967
E-mail: BibleTrumpetTours@juno.com


March 2000

Dr. Melvin Aiken, Pastor of Tabernacle Baptist Church in Greenville, SC and Rev. Raleigh Lindsay from Trinity Baptist Church, Spartanburg, SC, will be hosting this tour. We are planning to tour the Red Rock City, (Petra) in Jordan spending one night and remaining nights in Israel. Price for this tour will be approximately $2195.00 plus taxes and tips. Brochures are now in the making. Please call!!!

A trip to the Holy Land will make the BIBLE COME ALIVE!!

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