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The South Carolina Baptist Fellowship

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The date is December 7th, and Dr. Melvin Aiken, Pastor of Tabernacle Baptist Church invites all to attend this last meeting for the year 1998. The meeting will begin at 2:30 PM with all preachers being call from the floor. Come prepared to be "instant in season, out of season; reprove, rebuke, EXHORT with all longsuffering and doctrine." The fine folks of the Church will prepare a meal for all attending and there will be no evening service, For more information please call (864) 269-2760.

If you would like to host the Fellowship, please give Pastor Ricky Browning, Secretary to the South Carolina Baptist Fellowship, a call at (864) 3386696.

(Originally published in the Trumpet in October of 1955)


Rev. G.W. Dollar, Columbia, S.C.

"And the Lord added ... the SAVED" Acts 2:47. The Church started on the Day of Pentecost was a genuine, God-ordained, Spirit-led, soul-winning, church. Every church ought to see how it measures up to that one. Many folks take this chapter to mean many things on tongues and the gifts of the Spirit. This chapter does not major on those things at all. The main message of the second chapter of Acts is the great preaching of Peter, the message of the death, burial, resurrection and exaltation of the Lord Jesus, and the saving of souls because of the preaching of that message.

Only saved people became a part of that first church. The Lord Himself determined who should join it and should be counted as members. It was not made up of everything and everybody who thought it would be a good thing to join and who were interested in religion. They did not become members of this because they had been members of something else. They were largely Jews who were IN the Jewish religion, but that did not give them a ticket into His church.

What do we see today? Probably not over a third of the members of the average church are born again Christians. They have been told that they were "fine" people so long that they think the church is just a Local Union of fine folks. They know it will help their business, provide a lot of meetings for wives to run to, and perhaps in the long run it will soothe their conscience as to where they will spend eternity. The churches have a number of ways by which they receive members. The Early Church did not. The Lord added only SAVED people.

What do the churches do for these who are lost after they join. The answer is "NOTHING." There are long lists of boards, programs, committees, etc to do something about almost everything but not one to see that unsaved church members are led to the Lord and find Him as Saviour. Since nothing is done, a great host of lost within the church sees nothing wrong in adding others who are lost and so the unscriptural circle goes on.

UNSAVED PEOPLE OUGHT NOT TO BE MEMBERS OF A CHURCH. Invite them to attend and hear the Gospel. Let the Lord look after the additions ... if you let Him add He will add ... only the SAVED.

If the Lord looked after the additions then we would not need to pull, plead, bribe, and corral members to do things. That church in Acts 2 CONTINUED in the apostles doctrine, fellowship, breaking of bread and prayers. They were anxious to learn, to meet, to pray because they were SAVED before they joined the church. How many additions did you have last Lord's Day? How many additions did the Lord have? Remember He adds only the SAVED.

Editorial Up-Date From Evangelist Ernest Lundy


Writing an article isn't always an easy task. Subjects abound, but the one I wanted to write about occasionally escapes my memory when I sit down to the computer.

Recently in a revival meeting I was asked what my opinion was of the computer problem the world would face in the year 2000. My answer was simply that "God is still in control." Does that seem too simple? Am I over stepping my influence as an evangelist and preacher of the Gospel to say, "have faith in God?" I went on to say, however, that we who trusted in Him to save us should also trust Him to guide us. My preacher Father used to say, "live like Jesus is coming today and plan as if He is not coming for 100 years." My life's verses are found in Proverbs 3:5&6. They simple say, "Trust in the Lord with all thine heart and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct thy paths." To which I wholeheartedly say, "AMEN!"

We have to band together and help one another if trouble comes our way, but we should never allow this world's madness to overtake our way of thinking and rob us of our trust in a God who knows what is best for us. I remember when I was a boy many people were building bomb shelters on their property in preparation for a world war. They were filled with anxious care about the future. If you know Christ, you are prepared for eternity. Make whatever provisions you deem necessary to take care of the family God has given you, and trust Him to protect you from the enemy. Paul said, "I know whom I have believed and am persuaded that He is able to keep that which I have committed unto Him against that day." (11 Tim. 1: 12). Remember, Child of God, there are 365 "fear nots" in your Bible, one for each day. Do you think that was a coincidence? Trust the one that saved you to deep you "against that day."

A Christian can either be a BLIGHT or a BLESSING, but he can never be a BLANK.


PK CONTINUES ON DOWNWARD SPIRAL. Men all across America are continuing to see through the Promise Keepers facade. This is no where better seen than in the PK financial and attendance records. It seems that PK can not even give away tickets to their events. Men are no longer interested in their Charismatic/Catholic/ Ecumenical psychobabble, even if it is free. The following is from the October 5, 1998 issue of Christianity Today: "Promise Keepers will trim its full time staff by 28%, from 250 to 180 as of October 31... McCartney concedes . . . 'Morale is kind of... down.' . . . attendance is down at stadium events this year despite ... elimination of fees ... PK will continue holding conferences but they will be smaller." The article also says that a local group will have to do the advanced work and provide the $$$ before PK will come to town to hold the conference.

Taken from: news-of-interest@XC.Org

Bro. Lundy is in need of an electronic treadmill for his wife. If you can be of help please call Bro. Lundy at (864) 843-9227.

Mr. Shaun Turpin and a group of young volunteers are available to assist any church in its music or outreach program, or as needed. He can be reached by calling (864) 370-1800 ext. 1958.

Does Your Ministry Have A Presence On the Internet?

During the month of October the Internet site of Faith Baptist Church of Laurens had visits from, Australia, Mexico, New Zealand, Canada, Trinidad and Tobago, United Kingdom, Micronesia, India, Russian Federation, Brazil, Singapore, Portugal and South Africa. These visitors had a chance to hear Bro Mays preach in RealAudio and read his sermon and Sunday School outlines. Why shouldn't they have a chance to hear you preach and see your outlines as well?

If any preachers or churches would like to have help in setting up a Web page, Pastor Steven Mays can recommend someone to you.

Also, if anyone would like to be on the directory listing for the new SOUTH CAROLINA BAPTIST FELLOWSHIP/BAPTIST BIBLE TRUMPET web page, send your e-mail address to Pastor Mays.


Nazareth, which was settled by the Bronze Age (there are tombs ranging from the Iron Age to the Hasmonaeans) and was first mentioned in the New Testament (Matthew 2:23; 4:13; 21:11) as a "town on the mountain", lies on the southern edge of the Galilean mountains, above the Plain of Yesreel, in a slight declivity which is bounded to the South by Jebel esh-Sheikh. Together with Jerusalem and Bethlehem, it is for Christians one of the three most important towns in the Holy Land, for Joseph and Mary, lived here and it was the home of Jesus (Luke 4:16) until His baptism by John the Baptist (Mark 1:9).

The town was at first of no importance in pre-Christian times, but its fortunes later improved rapidly due to its proximity to the Via Maris, a trade route between Damascus and Egypt. Excavations since 1956 have shown that the hill on which stands the Church of the Annunciation and the Church of St. Joseph has been settled since the time of the Patriarchs (the 2nd millennium BC). Graves have been discovered dating from the 2nd millennium BC, together with subterranean caves which were used in the first half of the 1st millennium BC as storerooms. Above these stood small houses.

During the Jewish War, when Galilee was the focus of Jewish resistance to Rome, Nazareth was destroyed (in 67 BC). There is no record of any Christians in Nazareth, except for Konon, who died a martyr's death here in the 3C AD.

Nazareth was captured by the Arabs after their victory over the Byzantines at Yarmuk (20 August 636). In 1099, the Crusaders made it the administrative capital of Galilee, under the rule of Tancred. Tancred built a new church above the cave of the Annunciation and transferred the seat of Skythopolis to Nazareth. The center of the old town is inhabited by Arabs, predominantly Christian, while the modern suburb houses the recent immigrants from Eastern Europe and North Africa. In 1970, Nazareth possessed 24 churches and monasteries of all denominations serving 7,000 Greek Catholics (Melchites), 5,000 Greek Orthodox, 3,000 Catholics, 600 Maronites, and a few Protestants and Anglicans. The old town lies in a hallow surrounded by high mountains, while the new town stretches to the North and East of Tel Hanuk.


The Spring tour will leave on the 22nd of March, 1999 from Charlotte, NC. Then from Charlotte, NC to Amsterdam, Holland, where we will have a day of touring with lunch in Amsterdam, after which we return to the airport for our last leg of the flight to Tel Aviv, Israel. Our first and last nights will be spent on the Mediterranean Sea, 2 nights in Tiberias, 4 nights in Jerusalem on the Mount of Olives, overlooking the Kidron Valley and the Eastern Gate of the Walled City. The price is only $1995.00 plus tax and tips.

The Fall Tour will leave on the 2nd of November 1999 from Charlotte, NC.; From Charlotte, NC, to Amsterdam, Holland, where we will have a day of touring with lunch in Amsterdam; Return to the airport for our flight to Tel Aviv, Israel. Our first and last nights will be spent on the Mediterranean Sea, 2 nights in Tiberias, I night in Petra, Jordan, 3 nights in Jerusalem on the Mount of Olives. Cost of this tour is $2095.00 plus tax and tips.

Our bonds of fellowship and friendship will be deepened on either or both of these trips, we are sure, and we look forward to sharing this exciting opportunity with you.

Call or write to Bro. Raleigh Lindsay at address below for more information and color brochure. We also have a fifteen-minute slide presentation of the trip available. Hoping to see you there!!!!!


March 22-31, 1999 Round trip from Charlotte, NC, Amsterdam, Holland and then to Israel - $1995.00.
November 2-11, 1999 Round trip from Charlotte, NC, Amsterdam, Holland and then to Israel and Petra, Jordan - $2095.00.
Both tours include, air fare, double rooms, three meals daily, guides and A/C buses. For more information please call or write to the address below.
Bible Trumpet Tours
1626 New Cut Road
Spartanburg, SC 29303
Phone: (864) 597-0967
E-mail: BibleTrumpetTours@juno.com

A trip to the Holy Land will make the BIBLE COME ALIVE!!

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