January 7th South Carolina Baptist Fellowship
Choice Hills Baptist Church in Greenville, SC

Pastor Stan Craig and the members of the Choice Hills Baptist Church in Greenville, South Carolina invites everyone to attend the January South Carolina Baptist Fellowship meeting. The meeting will be held on January 7th, 2002, and will begin an hour earlier than usual, at 1:00 PM. Pastor Stan Craig and all the good folks of Choice Hills invite everyone to attend this great time of fiery preaching, great food, and wonderful fellowship. A fine meal will be served after the afternoon service!

Bro. Craig will be calling men from the floor to preach. He has asked that every man of God come with something powerful to kick off the new year! Preachers, bring some printed material to share with the Brethren. There will not be an evening service. Be sure to announce the meeting in your church bulletin. For directions to the Choice Hills Baptist Church, please call 864-984-7396 or 864-246-6140.

Moderator Alvin Wilson will be preside over the nomination and election of new. officers for the fellowship for the new year.

South Carolina Baptist Fellowship Meetings for 2001

50th Anniversary
Trumpet Banquet

February 4th, 2002

On Monday, Feb 4th, 2002 Faith Baptist Church in Laurens, South Carolina will host the 50th anniversary Trumpet Banquet.

Services will begin at 2:00 PM in the afternoon. A banquet meal will be served between the afternoon and evening services. Six preachers are lined up to preach: Bob Kelley from Columbia, SC; Jimmie Clark from Lexington, NC; Tommy Holbrooks from Gastonia, NC; Dennis Carter from Spartanburg, SC; Tom Wallace from Murphreesboro, TN; and Phil Kidd from Amory, MS.. The Burns Trio from Greenville, South Carolina will be providing special music. We hope you'll make plans to be with us and celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Bible Trumpet.

Hope to see you then.

Good Thoughts

You are never safer than when you are walking with God.

"I love agitation and investigation and glory in defending unpopular truth against popular error. " -James Garfield

Most people want to be delivered from temptation but would like it to keep in touch.


A nationwide Zogby poll of Roman Catholics in the United States found that they have a more favorable opinion of Muslims, Mormons, Buddhists, and Hindus, than they do of fundamentalists (USA Today).

Another nationwide Zogby poll recently observed, "Everyone from the president of the United States to the mayor of New York made the case in a very public way that this is not a war against Islam, and I THINK WE A ACTUALLY HAVE A HEIGHTENED FAVORABILITY TOWARD ISLAM BECAUSE OF the terrorist acts of September 11" (USA Today).

Born After Midnight

There is considerable truth in the idea that revivals are born after midnight, for revivals ... come only to those who want them badly enough ... it requires a serious mind and a determined heart to pray past the ordinary into the unusual. Most Christians never do. And it is more than possible that the rare soul who presses on into the unusual experience reaches there after midnight.
- A. W. Tozer


The Augusta Highway Baptist Church will hold it's annual Preachers' Jubilee on Feb 5, 2002 beginning at 9:30 and going all day. Preachers will be called from the floor. Missionaries are welcome. Bro. Joe Author will be in revival starting on the 5th-8th. Services are at 7:30 PM nightly. On the Jubilee day, lunch and supper will be provided. For more information call Craig Hughes at 864-227- 3386. The church is located at 3 716 Hisy 25-S Greenwood, SC.

Alpine Baptist Church in Columbia, SC Year of Youth revival meeting with Evangelist Jimmie Clark from Lexington, North Carolina, will be held January 13-16. The services will be at I 1:00 AM and 6:00 PM on Sunday. Monday and Wednesday the services will be 7:30 PM. The Victorious Valley Girls' Home with Johnny and Susan McGill will be singing Monday. Pastor Earl Green and the families of Alpine invite the readers of the Bible Trumpet to pray for these four days. If you're in the area, please attend! Brother Jimmie Clark has dedicated the year 2002 to reaching the Youth of America. For more information you may call 803-788-2646.

Farmers Declared Terrorists!

Spokesman for PETA, Andrew Butler, called farmers "terrorists" because they raise livestock for human consumption. Clearly, this group has lost their minds and should never be taken seriously. Perhaps this inability to think intelligently is the result of some protein deficiency brought on by their vegetarian diets. Yet, if it is any consolation, the Bible says this very thing is a sign of the last days. Read I Tim. 4:l: "In the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils; ... 3 Forbidding to marry, and commanding to abstain from meats, which God hath created to be received with thanksgiving of them which believe and know the truth." - Editor

Honor from the World

The American Music Awards had added a "Contemporary Inspirational' category to its-awards presentations. Executive Producer Dick Clark said, "The time has now come to include Contemporary Inspiration artists and recognize just how strong a force they have become in the world of music." This reminds us of how worldly Contemporary Christian Music is. The world recognizes its own. The Lord Jesus Christ said, "If ye were of the world, the world would love his own: but because ye are not of the world, but / have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hateth you" (John 15:19). Let's face it, most fundamental Baptist churches are not far behind this brand of Christianity. We are allowing music in our churches today that we wouldn't have considered a generation ago. Why? It's what our worldly churches want and we want their approval! - Editor


Taliban leader Mullah Omar fled his headquarters just before it was bombed a couple of weeks ago. Ironically, he then ordered his men to stand their ground and fight to the death. No one has seen leadership like this since Bill Clinton gave the opening prayer at a Promise Keepers meeting.