What About All Of These Excuses?

Out on visitation one night, a man told two men that he couldn't let them in and visit with them because he had meat in his Freezer. Not satisfied with that excuse, the two men pressed a bit farther, "Meat in the Freezer? What kind of an excuse it that? To that the honest man replied, "One excuse is as good as another, my excuse is simply, I've got meat in the freezer." Excuses, you here them all the time. Some of them are good, some of them are old, tired and worn out. Preachers face folk on a daily basis who have made excuses for not doing what they should for God. Perhaps Preachers here more excuses than anyone else does. Maybe this is why so many Preachers are so full of excuses themselves. Preacher, we are less than a month away from another New Year. Have you got your excuses ready? I mean, are you ready to explain why you aren't going to get much more done next year than you did this year? Well if you haven't got your excuses ready, here are a few old tired ones to use for 1999.


The reason that not to many are getting saved in our church has nothing to do with the fact the we are not going out witnessing much, rather it's because we don't believe in that "Easy Believism". I guess keeping the Gospel at the church, keeps it safe and warm.


If another Independent Baptist Church near by is growing and we aren't -- it's only because they are a bunch of compromisers. The reason our church won't grow is because we preach it to straight. It doesn't have a thing to do with the fact that we visit very little and are comfortable with the number we have.


The reason "We" won't run any busses out of our church this year is NOT because we're to stinking lazy and don't have any compassion, it's because we don't believe in BRIBING kids. The poor kids can just go to poor churches and from there on to hell. We'll be sure to preach the devil out of their wicked lives though.


We don't know if we grew, or how many got saved or Baptized -- we don't believe in all that counting! (Funny, most who don't believe in counting, count their offerings…)

What a sad hour we live in. The men who ought to be the leaders and visionaries of Churches are the one propagating all the excuses for failure. We are about to begin the last year of this millenium. Men of God need a vision not an excuse. Could it be that Independent Baptist Churches are struggling all over, not as a result of the perilous times, but rather as a result of sorry, lazy, under motivated, slothful, excuse filled leaders.

Excuses. Have you got yours ready? Someone well said, "An excuse is worse and more terrible than a lie; for an excuse is a lie guarded".