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Pastor E.A. Cooper
October 4, 1999

Dr. E. A. Cooper, Pastor of the East Side Baptist Church in Greenwood, extends a welcome to you and your families to attend the October meeting of the South Carolina Baptist Fellowship. The October South Carolina Baptist Fellowship will be held at the East Side Baptist Church in Greenwood, South Carolina on Monday October 4th, 1999. The afternoon service will begin at 2:00 PM with Brother Tom Martin from Asheville, NC, preaching.Others will be called from the floor. The evening service will begin at 7:00 pm with Evangelist Stinnett Ballew as speaker. The ladies of East Side will serve a delicious meal in the school gymnasium, following the afternoon service.

East Side Baptist Church is located approximately 1.5 miles east of Greenwood on the Hwy. 221. Church phone number is 864-229-1414.

If you would like to host the Fellowship in 2000, please give Pastor Steve Mays, Secretary to the South Carolina Baptist Fellowship, a call at (864) 984-4277. There are no openings for the Fellowship in 1999 : November at Open Bible Baptist, Sumter, SC, Pastor Larry Hummel, and December at Victory Baptist Church, Gaffney, SC, Pastor Greg Little. Mark these dates on your calendar and plan to attend.


Reprinted Article from March 1956

By Dr. Harold B. Sightler

1. Religion organizes - revival anoints
2. Religion chants - revival sings
3. Religion formalizes - revival liberates
4. Religion drifts - revival lifts
5. Religion soothes - revival disturbs
6. Religion is passive - revival is active
7. Religion blinds - revival illuminates
8. Religion freezes - revival fires
9. Religion is vain - revival is sane
10. Religion feasts - revival fasts
11. Religion is beautiful - revival is jubilant
12. Religion is silent - revival is noisy
13. Religion is dominant - revival is freedom
14. Religion is churchy - revival is individual
15. Religion denies - revival believes
16. Religion plans - revival prays
17. Religion stands - revival kneels
18. Religion is high-minded - revival is humble
19. Religion promotes - revival testifies
20. Religion enrolls - revival evangelizes
21. Religion conforms - revival separates
22. Religion leaves empty - revival fills
23. Religion is convenient - revival is faithfulness
24. Religion is selfish - revival sacrifices
25. Religion is fleshly - revival is spiritual


Keep having one
Until you have one.


The Bible Baptist Church, located at 233 Harrison Bridge Road in Simpsonville, South Carolina announces revival services on October 17-22. The guest speaker will be Dr. Russell Rice, long time Pastor of the Oakwood Baptist Church of Anderson, South Carolina. The Sunday services will begin at 11:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m.; and the week day services will begin at 7:30 p.m. There will be lots of good music each service. Pastor William M. Cole, and the congregation of the Bible Baptist Church invite the readers of the Trumpet to attend. For more information call (864) 963-9152.

If your salvation doesn’t take you to church,
will it take you to Heaven?

Editorial Up-Date
From Evangelist Ernest Lundy

I am sitting at the computer for the last time to write my article for the Bible Trumpet. Several years have passed since taking the helm, and I hope the readers have been blessed and helped.

The Trumpet was started as a local church paper many years ago by Dr. John Waters, who remained faithful until physically unable to continue. As most of you know, I am in full time evangelism and no longer a pastor. Because the Trumpet was edited by a pastor and dear friend, I feel it wise to allow the pastor of Faith Baptist Church, Brother Steve Mays, to take the oversight of this paper. It has been a joy to write each month, and I trust you will all continue to pray for me.

It is truly by faith that we live, and we appreciate each pastor who has used us in revival meetings. Over the years some have thought of me as a singer, but please know that the preaching of the Word is first and foremost with me. Believe it or not, some do not like my music position, but still use me because we strongly support the position of pastor in the local church and are faithful to the simple message of the Gospel. We pray we are a help to them. We believe the time is short and that our petty and fringe prejudices should cease. The Main Thing is to keep the Main Thing the Main Thing.

For possible revival dates or other meetings, we can be reached at the following address:

Evangelist Ernest Lundy
P.O. Box 1316
Pickens, SC 29671


"Eighty-four members of the United States Senate have sent a letter to U.S. President Clinton expressing their ‘deep disappointment’ with his recent decision not to fulfill the Jerusalem Embassy Relocation Act. Despite a previous letter from ten key Senators urging him not to do so, Clinton chose to utilize a national-security waiver provision in the Act. The latest Senatorial letter, which was publicized by the Act's sponsors, Republican Senator Kyl and Democratic Senator Lieberman, makes clear that an overwhelming majority of the Senate believes that the President improperly invoked the waiver. Kyl and Lieberman reiterated their intention to introduce legislation that will compel the Administration to comply with the U.S. law on this matter.” (Arutz 7, July 31, 1999)

NOTE: Israel is the only nation where the United States Embassy is not located in its capital!!


Once upon a time, there was a church staff looking for teachers for children and preschoolers and youth. And some adults said, “I don’t want to leave the sweet fellowship and study in my adult class.” (But the drug pusher on the street said, “Not even the threat of jail will keep me from working with your children.”) And some adults said, “I could never give the time required to plan and go to teachers’ meetings.” (But the pusher, the porno book dealer, and the movie producer said, “We’ll stay open whatever hours are necessary everyday to win the minds of the kids.”) And some adults said, “I’m unsuited, untrained, unable to work with children, preschoolers or youth. (But the movie producer said, “We’ll study, survey, spend millions to produce whatever turns kids on.”) So, the adults stayed in their classes and enjoyed the sweet fellowship and absorbed the good Bible Study and could go out of town often on the weekend and were available to do whatever was good to do on Wednesday or Sunday nights instead of teachers’ meetings. And when Sunday came, the children came to their classes and no one was there except the church staff going from one room to another trying to assure them that someone would surely come to teach them some Sunday soon. But no one ever came, and the young children soon quit coming because they had gone to listen to others who did care about the things they did and what went into their minds..... Hey, are you willing to work? Do you really care?


“A Denver couple who were ordered to limit prayer meetings in their home to one a month have sued in a federal court. David and Diane Reiter began holding weekly meetings in March 1998. But after a complaint from a neighbor, a zoning specialist for the city told them in October 1998 to limit the meetings to one a month. The city then issued a formal order prohibiting the Reiters from holding ‘more than one prayer meeting a month.’ The decision was upheld in February by the city’s Board of Adjustments for Zoning Appeals, and is being appealed to U.S. District Court in Denver.

The singling out of Christians because they want to pray in their homes is outrageous, Jay Sekulow of the American Center for Law and Justice, a religious-rights law firm that is representing the Reiters, told Religion Today. The suit contends that the Reiters have complied with noise, parking, and traffic requirements in their residential neighborhood.

Denver’s order was the result of and a decision by an ‘administrator who doesn’t want religious activity in the neighborhood,’ Sekulow said. Zoning laws used in other parts of the country to try to stop prayer meetings have been found unconstitutional by appeals courts, he said.” (Religion Today, August 4, 1999)


"(Democrats) don't want to repeat the experience of the '80s: a big tax cut that choked off so much federal revenue that it created pressure to downsize the federal government for years to come. For their part, Republicans acknowledge, in a backhand way, that this is what they would like to accomplish. They want to take surplus money off the table, they say, so that it can't be spent on government programs. Thus, the tax-cut debate isn't merely an argument over what to do with the budget surplus. It's a debate about something much, much bigger: the very size and shape of the government." (Wall Street Journal, August 11, 1999)


The Mount of Olives, a hill 2655 ft high to the east of the city of Jerusalem beyond the Kidron Valley, is one of the most sacred sites for Christians and Jews. Jesus and his disciples often went to the Garden of Gethsemane at the west foot of the mountain, which was also the place where Jesus was taken prisoner. It is the oldest and largest Jewish burial site and its western slope is the place where the Messiah is expected to appear at the end. The name Mount of Olives dates from the abundance of olive trees which stood here in Biblical times. There are a few trees still there and one is estimated to be around 2000 years old.

Physically the Mount of Olives is part of a chain of hills which begins with Mount Scopus in the north of Jerusalem and continues at varying heights across the el-Medbase (2715 ft) where the old Hebrew University stands; at the place called ‘Viri Galilaei’, comes to the first of the three hills of the Mount of Olives. The middle one of the three is Ascension Hill (2655 ft). The ‘Mountain of Umbage’ (in Arabic: Baten el-Hawa; 2435 ft) adjoins this in the south.

Israelite shrine: During the rebellion of his son Absalom (Tomb of Absalom in the Kidron Valley), King David fled from Jerusalem and went up by the ascent of Mount Olivet, and wept as he went up and had his head covered. In this context, the peak of the Mount of Olives is described as a place “where God is worshipped” (II Samuel 15:32). From this it was deduced that there was an Israelite shrine on the peak of the mountain at the time of David in c. 1000 BC.

On our Bible Trumpet Tour, sometimes we are able to make reservation at a hotel on the Mount of Olives. It is at the end of the street and after dark it is quite peaceful to go out in front of the hotel and sit in the garden or go down to the roadside and look over the Kidron Valley over into the Walled city of Jerusalem. Come go with us in March 2000 for a trip that you will never get over.

“Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: they shall prosper that love thee.” Psa 122:6


Dr. Melvin Aiken, Pastor of Tabernacle Baptist Church in Greenville, SC and Rev. Raleigh Lindsay from Trinity Baptist Church, Spartanburg, SC, will be hosting this tour. Departure date is March 7th, from Atlanta, Ga. We will be spend our first night on the Mediterrean Sea. The next two nights will be on the Sea of Galilee with the remaining nights in Jerusalem. Price for this tour will be $2195.00 this includes taxes and tips. Brochures are now ready. Please call!!! A deposit of $200.00 per person is required to make reservations. Monthly payments are available by contacting Bro Lindsay at (864) 597-0967.


March 22-31, 1999 Round trip from Charlotte, NC, Amsterdam, Holland and then to Israel - Too Late! You Missed It!
November 2-11, 1999 Round trip from Charlotte, NC, Amsterdam, Holland and then to Israel and Petra, Jordan - $2095.00.
Both tours include, air fare, double rooms, three meals daily, guides and A/C buses. For more information please call or write to the address below.
Bible Trumpet Tours
1626 New Cut Road
Spartanburg, SC 29303
Phone: (864) 597-0967
E-mail: BibleTrumpetTours@juno.com

A trip to the Holy Land will make the BIBLE COME ALIVE!!

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