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The South Carolina Baptist Fellowship

Labor Day Jubilee and Fellowship

Pastor Sam Duncan and the folks from Gethsemane Baptist of Anderson will be hosting the Fellowship in conjunction with their Labor Day Jubilee. Preachers include Bro. Craig Hughes; Bro. Thomas Caldwell; Bro. Alvin Fleming and Bro. Emmanuel Quizon from the Phillipines. The Old Time Sounds of Praise will sing. Come join us for a great time of preaching, praising and old time BBQ. The service will start at 2 PM, September 7th. The church is located approximately 6 miles from downtown Anderson at 6116 Hwy. 81 South. For more information please call (864) 261-8457.

If you would like to host the Fellowship, please give Pastor Ricky Browning, Secretary to the South Carolina Baptist Fellowship, a call at (864) 3386696.


Please have your announcements for your Fellowship meeting or other meetings to us at least two months in advance. You do not have to have all the names of the speakers. We have to keep on a dead line for the third Monday of each month mailing and we cannot wait until the last minute. The printer is in North Carolina and we mail the rough to them and then go pick up the completed Trumpet. Please help us in this matter.


If any preachers or churches would like to have help in setting up a Web page, Pastor Steven Mays can recommend someone to you. Also, if anyone would like to be on the list for the NEW SOUTH CAROLINA BAPTIST FELLOWSHIP/BAPTIST BIBLE TRUMPET page, send your E-mail address to Pastor Mays.

Phil Kidd at Northside Baptist Church

Pastor Rommy Mullis of the Northside Baptist Church in Lancaster, SC has scheduled a meeting from October 7 - 11, 1998 with Evang. Phil Kidd. Services will begin at 7:30 PM nightly Wednesday through Saturday and at 6:00 PM Sunday. For more information please call (803) 283-3844.


This paper was begun on February 5, 1953 as a mimeographed sheet:

(1) To contend for the faith in the state of South Carolina against the flood-tide of modernism and worldliness which is sweeping in.
(2) To positively promote revival, evangelism, and missions.
(3) To promote a Fellowship of independent Baptist Churches in this area.

Therefore, The Trumpet declares without qualification or reservation its belief in:

(1) The Bible as the plenary and verbally inspired Word of God.
(2) The Virgin Birth of Christ, His substitutionary death on the cross, His physical resurrection, and His premillennial coming again.
(3) Man's inherent sinful nature.
(4) The need of men to be born again by faith in Christ in order to be saved.
(5) The personality of the Holy Spirit as the third person of the Trinity.
(6) A literal heaven to gain, and a literal hell to shun.
(7) The independency of the local congregation under Christ and The Holy Spirit. Etc.

Where do we as INDEPENDENTS stand today according to these statements?????


Many thanks for all the cards and letters. of encouragement that the readers of the Trumpet sent to Dr. Waters and myself. They were truly a BLESSING to us. Continue to pray for us.

Mrs. John Water

Editorial Update

Death and dying is the subject most folk don't like to discuss. It isn't the thing that we often bring up over the breakfast table or speak of in our daily speech. The destiny of the soul has been set before death, and now we come to the living. Dear friend, if you have not prepared for dying, I urge you to do so now. God has prepared a way whereby you can enter Heaven's rest, and that is by receiving his dear Son as your Savior.

These past few weeks have faced me with the many decisions that death has to offer the living. Where will we bury dad? Who will preach the funeral? Has he taken care of seeing that mom is adequately taken care of financially? Plus many more things, much of which should have been discussed before death.

Having dealt with these, I came home to continue ministry obligations only to receive another call: "Son, dad is gone. And now my sister has died. Will you come home?" Of course, I went home to help again and be with my mother.

Death to the saint is a difficult moment, but "We sorrow not, as others which have no hope." You ask, "When will it end?" It will end one day. Jesus will come and take us all, who have trusted him, to glory. It will all be over then. No more death or dying. What a great day that will be, but until them, I wish to give an admonition to get our houses in order. Death is never easy, but we who live can work at preparing for death so that those we leave behind will not be encumbered with details we have left undone. Keep looking heavenward as you work in the harvest field.

Psalm 166:15 "Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints."


The Jordan River is the longest river in Israel and the whole of Palestine. It is at the same time the lowest-lying river in the world. It rises from various sources in the Hermon Mountains. Nahal Dan, Nahal Hermon and Nahal Senir, the three main source rivers, meet in the northern plain of Hula. Between Lake Hula and the Sea of Galilee, the Jordan descends by some 850 ft. over a distance of only approximately 7 miles, and resembles a mountain river. After flowing out of the Sea of Galilee it passes through the deeply cut Jordan rift, enters the Dead Sea and, at its mouth, reaches the lowest-lying depression in the world (1285 ft. below sea-level). The Yarmuk and the Jabbok are its major tributaries.

The Jordan plain is first mentioned in connection with Abraham and Lot in Genesis 13: 1 0. The Dead Sea is thought not to have existed at this time. The waters of the Jordan were believed to have healing powers. Thus, the prophet Elisha told Naaman the Aramaean to wash himself seven times in the Jordan in order to cure himself of leprosy. (II Kings 5:10-14). The four Gospels all agree that John the Baptist baptized people in the Jordan. It is believed that Jesus was baptized in the Jordan. During the Bible Trumpet Holy Land Tour, we also have a baptismal service in the Jordan for those wanting to be baptized.

This river formed the natural boundary between Canaan and Trans-Jordan in the Biblical period. Today it is the river forming the boundary between Israel and Jordan. Since the Six-Day War of 1967, the Allenby Bridge, just north of where the Jordan flows into the Dead Sea, has been the most important of the border crossing points between Israel and Jordan.

Hope to see you at the Jordan in November.